• Executive Presence: Professionals have two times to make a first impression; what you look like and what you say. As a professional you should dress for where you are going not for where you are. You should always dress like the President of your country!

    Project #1
  • 5 Be’s to Success: Be Positive, Be Patient, Be Persistent, Be Prepared, and Be Proud!

    Project #2
  • High Performance team refers to a group of goal-focused individuals with specialized expertise and complementary skills who collaborate, innovate, and produce consistently superior results toward a specific goal!

    Project #4
  • 5 Right’s to Success: Right Mindset, Right Attitude, Right Timing, Right Team, and Right Plan!

    Project #3
  • Invest In Your Emotional Bank Account: All material success stems from having a high self-esteem. In most scenarios we tend to focus on the financial bank account, but the emotional bank account is far more important. Our Emotional Bank Account is what we withdraw from when we have a setback, when we’re facing a challenge, or defeat. It yields a non-tangible currency that gets us through the tough times!

    Project #5
  • Conflict Management is an umbrella term for the way we identify and handle conflicts fairly and efficiently. The goal is to minimize the potential negative impacts that can arise from disagreements and increase the odds of a positive outcome!

    Project #6
  • Life Skills 101. The 4 best things to be in life. A giver, A listener, A finisher and/or A survivor. No matter what age or stage you are in life you’ll have to be in one these 4 postures.

    Project #8
  • Entrepreneurship: The ability to take an idea from your mind to the market and make a profit!

    Project #7